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We’ve been a Good Smile Company Partner Shop (GSC Partner Shop) for a while now but never really wrote about it. What does it mean to be a GSC Partner Shop?

  1. We offer everything Good Smile Company offers 
    This means anything you see on Good Smile Company’s official store, we will have it here too (except for rare GSC online only exclusives).
  2. We offer Good Smile Company Partner Shop exclusives
    There are certain figures that Japan stores can’t carry but overseas partner shops (like us) can offer. For example, figma Link: A Link Between Worlds ver. – DX Edition is a partner shop exclusive from us.
  3. We don’t sell bootlegs or counterfeits
    Everything we sell here is legit, new or pre-owned. For more information, check out our bootleg policy here
  4. Annually reviewed by GSC every year
    We continually attain and exceed GSC’s stringent requirements to maintain our Partner Shop status so you can rest easy knowing we’re approved by GSC!

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