No downpayment for ANY pre-order!

Yotsuba loves pre-ordering all the things.
Be excited like Yotsuba.


UPDATE -11/22/2017- To keep our store running smoothly, we are now requiring 20% deposit on pre-orders over $100. It’s still easy to save up money for pre-orders! You’ll also have less to worry about since part of the figure is already paid for!

Looking to pre-order Lovely My Angel Ayase-tan or a best girl from Love Live but don’t have enough saved up right now? We have a solution that’ll keep money in your pocket now AND reserve that grail figure. How? It’s simple! We don’t require any downpayment for pre-orders. That way, you have months to save up for all the grail figures you want.

1-2 weeks before the pre-order ships, we’ll send you an e-mail notifying you that we’re going to be charging your card soon (because no one wants unexpected charges). On the off chance that you’d like to pay for a pre-order ahead of time, just contact us and we can handle that too!

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