Update on our pre-owned trade-in program!

For those who have submitted a trade-in request to us, you know that we have been looking for a new and better location to house all the waifus and husbandos. I’m happy to say that we have finally found and moved into a new location! We’ll be contacting everyone who has submitted a trade-in request. If you submitted a request recently, it may take a little while before we get back to you but we will!

Now, for the second part of this announcement. We are making a change to the trade-in program that will help us get through as many trade-ins as fast as possible. Right now, we are spending a lot of time getting shipping quotes, labels, and accounting adjustments in the backend to account for shipping from trade-ins. As of today, we will no longer be offering split 50-50 shipping. We believe this will speed up the process and help you get paid faster since there will no longer be any wait times for receiving a shipping quote or a label.

To minimize the chance that this change negatively affects anyone, we will be boosting our trade-in rates! We have researched how much it costs to ship each figure and adjusted our trade-in rates to cover that expense. By doing so, the net payout for trading in figures should be about the same as before this change.

TL;DR: We moved to a new and better location. We are no longer offering 50-50 split shipping but have raised our trade-in rates to balance out the difference in increased shipping costs.

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