Packing all the things! Now with stronger boxes and more paper!

As we continue to grow, we’ve been able to gather more and more data about what works and what needs improvement. This time, we’ve reviewed the way we pack figures and will be packing figures differently now.

  1. Despite taking time to pack every figure box in bubble wrap, the figure boxes can still get dented and damaged.
  2. To reduce the chance of your order being damaged from shipping, we will be stronger boxes that will be able to better withstand rough handling.
  3. By upgrading the stronger boxes, we found that using more packing paper to surround the figure box is just as effective as the bubble wrap we were using.
  4. We will be switching over to using more packing paper rather than bubble wrapping figures boxes

We are dedicated to doing better so when you receive your orders, please let us know how these changes are working out for you!

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