What is Akiba?

Akiba. Short for Akihabara, a district in Japan that is known as the heart of otaku culture. It’s full of distinct otaku energy with otakus, cosplayers and idols filling the streets. It’s easy to find anime stores, maid cafes, netcafes and even manga cafes there.

For those of us that don’t live in Japan, it’s a place that we dream of visiting. Who wouldn’t want easy access to “The Ultimate Cool” from Akiba? That’s why I started Akiba Soul.

Why Akiba Soul came to be

As an weeb living in the US, I found it startling that there aren’t many good choices when it comes to getting anime merchandise. Some of my gripes are

  • Absurdly high prices with expensive shipping
  • Bootlegs disguised as the real thing
  • Many places don’t accept returns or require spending a fortune to ship it back
  • Barely any selection of pre-owned merchandise
  • Difficult to reach/understand customer service
  • Investor focused (backed by venture capital) rather than fan/community focused

By starting Akiba Soul, my goal is to remedy those issues. I want to help the weeb community outside Japan afford their lifestyle and connect them with more waifus (and husbandos) for a better laifu.

Our Promise

1) Offer reasonable prices for merchandise and shipping

We want you to be able to afford your hobby AND daily necessities (other than eating ramen 24/7).

2) Sell 100% authentic figures

We make sure everything we offer are 100% legit and authentic. That means no Saders or MOK-KOS here. We thoroughly review all pre-owned figures and only order new figures from legit distributors.

3) Quick Shipping

Typically, in-stock orders ship within 1-3 business days from our warehouse.

4) Easy Returns

Orders are eligible for our 15-day return policy (subject to a few reasonable conditions). We are located in Indiana so your returns are simple.

5) Buy and sell pre-owned figures

Save money by purchasing pre-owned figures. On the flipside, sell us your figures and get paid. Plus, your second hand waifus and husbandos get a second chance at laifu.

6) Prompt and friendly customer service

We get back to your inquiries and requests within 1 business day through email to assist you so you’re never left hanging.

With that said, I hope you find Akiba Soul to fill the missing void with everything anime and manga!

-Martin, Owner