Bootleg Policy


At Akiba Soul, we’ve seen our fair share of Saders, “China edition” Erens and MOK-KOSes. We’re here to tell you that we don’t stock them, we don’t accept them and we definitely don’t find them a new home. All our husbandos and waifus at Akiba Store are 100% official and legitimate. Everything for pre-order is straight from Japan from our trusted distributors.

The same high standard applies to our pre-owned figures. We inspect each and every one carefully! For more proof, just take a look at all of our pre-owned section. Any photo with a plain white/gray background is our in-house actual photo of the figure (color backgrounds are official photos). We made sure to capture them at a high resolution so you can zoom in and examine every nook and cranny (yes, you can do that to our 18+ waifus too) to give them your passing seal of approval. The only touching up we do are lossless compression (so images load faster) and white balance (so the image is brighter). No photoshopping magic to be seen here!

EDIT: As pointed out by a reader, MOK-KOS isn’t actually a bootleg but…..that QUALITY though…